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The Promostars company is one of the leading producers of promotional clothing in Central and Eastern Europe. The Promostars brand is promotional clothing at its best. Our offer is simple, classic styles. The materials used and careful sewing ensure our clothing durability and quality, which many customers have already appreciated. A wide range of models and colors are advantages for both the advertising clothing industry and PPE workwear. Our complete offer is designed for a variety of applications: advertising, promotion, school, work, sport and rest. Promostars offer include t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, shirts, sweaters, jackets, vests, as well as bags, towels and hats. The Promostars clothing collection is adapted to be labeled by screen printing, thermal transfer, DTG or computer embroidery.

No label

Another advantage of our clothing is, in some models of t-shirts, the possibility of ordering them without tags. Other t-shirts, however, have tear-off labels. This allows the client to build his own brand based on our proven models, create a unique product for his company.


WRAP logoWe have been providing responsible, high quality, safe and functional products for 20 years. Our code of conduct applies to all factories cooperating with us. It aims to ensure appropriate conditions, hygiene and safety at work. Factories are audited by SEDEX and BSCI in the field of ethical behavior and working conditions. Both organizations are independent institutions that set standards for controlling working conditions in factories. A large part of our clothing is produced in factories holding Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). It is the world’s largest independent and advanced factory certification program, mainly focusing on clothing, footwear and sewn products.

Oeko-tex standard

We offer a wide selection of our products with an Oeko-tex certificate. Products with this sign are free from harmful substances that have a negative impact on human health.


In addition to our main brand Promostars, the portfolio also includes the premium Crimson Cut brand, PPE workwear Mark the Helper, and the Geffer economic clothing brand.

The AGRAF company exists since 1995. We have been wholesale PROMOSTARS clothing since 2000. Our PROMOSTARS clothing warehouse is located in Olsztyn, PL. This long-term cooperation allowed us to acquire experience in the field of promotional clothing, the needs of individual customer groups, market trends and knowledge of competing brands. From the very beginning, we have a graphic studio with extensive experience in designing for advertising and promotional clothing labeling. In addition, we have many years of experience in the technique of screen printing, computer embroidery or thermal transfer. Our passion for designing t-shirts, polo shirts, fleeces, jackets or hats resulted in the creation of a “make a party t-shirt” product. We were inspired by our work done for many years, which, as we hope, showed that the t-shirt is not only clothing, but this message, it emphasizes the individuality of the user, a sense of community, e.g. at the Sirena and Warszawa Rally, the Olsztyn Rally of Historic Rotor Motorcycles, fishing expeditions to Mongolia, Sweden, Russia, diving expeditions, pilgrimages, student partys, kayaking, concerts. We sell wholesale through our online store.

Agraf zespół


In addition to standard marking, we can also make and sew tags or labels with the logo, which will additionally distinguish company clothing.

You will know us by our company car, Warszawka Agrafka – FSO Warszawa 223 from 1973. Despite so many years, the car bravely serves us in our daily work.

Warszawka Agrafka

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T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts/pants, shirts/sweaters, fleece, caps, jackets, vests

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