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Torba maxi

  • Index: 81090
  • Rozmiary: 51cm x 31cm x 38cm
  • Skład: 100% poliester
  • Opakowanie: 10 szt.
  • Opis: duża torba sportowa; kieszeń główna, boczna oraz półka na dnie torby z osobnym wejściem

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    Detailed product price list "Torba Promostars maxi" and the costs of printing / embroidery on this garment you will receive by sending an e-mail with an inquiry to the address or by calling the number 89 527 34 74.

    Product characteristics

    More information on Torba Promostars maxi


      Size specifications

      Men’s body sizes*XSSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
      Ladies’ body sizes*XSSMLXLXL+XXL
      Children’s body sizes*98110122132144156168

      Trousers size specifications

      Men’s body sizes*SMLXLXXL
      waist size74-7782-8590-94100-104108-112
      Ladies’ body sizes*XSSMLXLXL+
      waist size63-6566-6869-7273-7677--8081-85

      Head size

      head size565860
      *approximate dimensions +/- 2 cm

    The brand of the product

      Torba Promostars maxi it's high quality work and advertising clothing of the Promostars group . Torba Promostars maxi very well suited for prints or embroidery. The product is available in the following colors: 26,22-32. If you are interested in our offer regarding "Torba Promostars maxi", please contact us.
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